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~* Forever *~

A thought for the day.

Wise animal, that white rabbit.



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words of Gibran and a sweetness like this, captured by an artist unknown.


“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

-Kahlil Gibran


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This weekend, we had a wonderful photo shoot during which I once again totally exhausted my photographer…

_MG_2664 (1)

The flamenco style Vintage Couture dress is by Jasmin Santanen, and will be featured in the November issue of Gloria Magazine also. Fake fur is a flea market find. Car just happened to be there, on our way to the actual site :).

Minna’s account of our little adventure says it all:

“Yesterday I was shooting fashion photos for LadyBohemia. 7 hours of laces, flowers, make up, amazing designer gowns and jewelry and shoes even got a tomboy like me posing in front of the mirror with a rose..”

11211_10151716455348402_13372171_nPhotographer extraordinaire, Minna from Minna Kulmala Photography. Nobody can capture a mood and a moment like her.

Thank you Thank you Thank you sweet soul. You made my day perfect.

Dear readers, this is just a little taste of what we’ve been up to… I will show you the full results of our labour soon. This I can already say… This will be something straight from the heart, something I’m very proud of.

Can’t wait to share it with you ♥.


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~* Memory *~

Sorry, I know I haven’t even finished my previous blog post… But this one I so much want to share with you, please forgive me.

Something most extraordinary happened to us today.

When bringing my children home from school, my son gave his seat to an old man who then sat next to us. We started chatting, about things we wanted experience in life. Dreams.

He wanted to ride a helicopter. And kick around on a scooter, like my sons.

My dream is to dance the Argentinian tango. In Buenos Aires, preferably. And some day, I want to visit Tibet.

But the amazing thing was – I saw it in the eyes of both my sons, they felt it too – that this man was so incredibly much like my father, my children’s beloved Pappa, who passed away two years ago. It was truly like having a conversation with him. Beautiful, but not in a sad way.

When we waved goodbye to the old man, my oldest son said it first. “Maman, did you just make a new friend or is he actually an old friend, if he just like Pappa?”

My little one commented; “I was starting to forget what Pappa was like but now I remember again.”

“Never forget! You can’t forget Pappa!” ordered my eldest.

We walked home in silence. A rare silence, filled with gratitude.



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~* Lioness *~


this photo speaks love to me

There’s a story attached to this picture, including a man having problems with my sons speaking French in a tram, leading to me being called a whore in front of my child, ending with a real Lioness moment.

Coming up…  Gotta give the young gentleman in the photo his dinner & bath first. He also enjoys foot massages, and a good story for the evening. This might in fact take some time… But I know you understand ♥.


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Today I could use a little dose of sunnyness, but current situation considered, a trip down the memory line was needed…

IMG_1258A sweet, sweet happy day of browsing through wonders, basking in the warmth of that Provencal sun…

IMG_1236 That’s why the face..


IMG_1265The lady behind me – in the photo below -has never failed me… For the past ten years, every time I visit her boutique or stand somewhere, a piece of antique jewellery, an Art Deco bag, some sweet nothings, come home with me. Hmmmmm I’ll photograph what I found this time for you, later…

IMG_1277Annnnnnd even my back looks happy :). Well, carrying that lovely Chanel bought that day, I am not surprised.



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~* My guy *~

See who’s marching to the beat of his own drum!


My 6-year-old, on his second week at school. Had put on his shoes like so when I came to fetch him home yesterday.

I thought it was a creative idea but was a bit worried if some of the other kids might say something nasty about his personal choice of a wardrobe.

Oh I don’t care, he said. They’re more fun that way.

Throughout all my years at school, I was always worried about what people thought of me. Timid, quiet, shy, reserved, always worried –  pretty much about absolutely everything. Did all I could and more to fit in. And still, never did.

It’s taken me decades to unlearn all that. And still, l’m only learning.

Then here is my little guy.

There are no words to describe how much he has taught me during his six years in my life. And no words to describe just how proud of him I am.

Today he left for school with the same choice of shoes.

I cried a little.

Well, like a little fountain.


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